SATIS Flyover, Thane West

21,480 hours of accident free execution.

Over a period of Thane has developed into a mini-metropolis of no small merit. And therefore, the Thane station has become an important hub. The vehicular and pedestrian traffic has increased many fold. To reduce the traffic jams and make the flow easier, India’s first ever Station Area Traffic Improvement Scheme, better known as SATIS, was devised. SMC designed and developed the entire project. Today, traffic near the Thane Railway Station Area flows like a dream.

Accidents are rarer. There has been a measurable reduction in air and noise pollution, as well as energy consumption. The success of SATIS, Thane has set a benchmark and BEST authorities have asked for similar SATIS projects at the six busy stations, including Kurla, Sion, Bandra, Dadar and Andheri.